Saturday, March 5, 2011


its really easy to dwell on the bad that has happened in life. i probably do it too much. rough work days, money shortages, being shot down by a girl. but here is the reality: i have a job, i have a roof over my head, i have the best friends anyone could ask for. even if i end up workin retail all my life and being single, i will be richer than most with the quality of people i surround myself with. my cousin bradley and his wife mica have been crazy supportive of me since i moved to wisonsin. bobby hines who is my best friend has done more than i can even fathom for me. danny sargent, leif erickson, eric tadehara, kamron aghatarsomething iraqi, zack miller, and so many more are huge pieces in my life. not to mention my amazing parents, whom i didnt always see eye to eye with, yet found a way to show me love anyhow.

long story short i am very blessed. i cannot wait to see everyone on my vacation to utah. it will be memorable. and everyone here in wisconsin, i wish you could join me.


  1. I am totally stoked to see you! I can't wait!

  2. Indeed. Good and bad things exist in every person's life every day of his life. It's all about which we choose to focus on and which we choose to ignore.

    I'm glad you'll be out here soon (very), and I've been keeping my weekends open. ;)

    All I can say out! :p