Saturday, March 5, 2011


its really easy to dwell on the bad that has happened in life. i probably do it too much. rough work days, money shortages, being shot down by a girl. but here is the reality: i have a job, i have a roof over my head, i have the best friends anyone could ask for. even if i end up workin retail all my life and being single, i will be richer than most with the quality of people i surround myself with. my cousin bradley and his wife mica have been crazy supportive of me since i moved to wisonsin. bobby hines who is my best friend has done more than i can even fathom for me. danny sargent, leif erickson, eric tadehara, kamron aghatarsomething iraqi, zack miller, and so many more are huge pieces in my life. not to mention my amazing parents, whom i didnt always see eye to eye with, yet found a way to show me love anyhow.

long story short i am very blessed. i cannot wait to see everyone on my vacation to utah. it will be memorable. and everyone here in wisconsin, i wish you could join me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

baby its cold outside

i have brought up my blog a million times just to stare at the screen blankly. i freeze up. my mind is a blur of things i need to do, and want to do. sometimes differentiating those 2 things sometimes gets difficult.

anyway, december has crept up wayyy too fast. luckily i love christmas and im excited to spend it with my wisconsin family for the first time since in 15 yearsish. i guess a quick update is in order. i have been playing in a plymouth basketball league the past month plus. we are dead last right now. even though we lose every game, and im a competitive person, it has been a good experience. the guys on the team dont quit and give up no matter how outmatched we are. i have made some new friends and networked to some other ball players out there so i can get in some more pick up games outside of the league.

 my cousin bradley and i are about half way done with our bowling league. 2 weeks ago my average was at 197 and climbing. i have been in a zone lately. in the last month i have bowled just two games under 200. and i have had highs of 276 and 266. our team is currently in the lead for the league also. which will help in seeding at the end of season tournment where we can win back some cash!

now as a bonus to this blog entry, i am starting my bucket list, for today my body feels old as dirt.

phil' bucket:

1. get in a fight at a bar

this has been a long standing thing for me. i dont get into fights(off the soccer field or basketball court). i always shy away from physical altercations. i do speak my mind but i also try to be the better man as they say and drop stuff thats insignificant. so i think a list like this should challenge you to do things that are out of character. now i just need to talk some friends into backing me on this one...

2. bowl a 300

i dont know if this really belongs on the list, but its something i can practice and strive for and i think its very possible. and its something i need to do before i kick the can.

3. go sky diving

this might be the item that is going to be hardest for me to accomplish and will probably be later in life that i do it. i hat heights and the idea of jumping from a plane just seems so illogical let alone terrifying.

. . . and thats all i have for tonight. i think writing on this list will help me write more often and have an on going thing to write about. now for 3 hours of sleep before work.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

been a long time

been a long time, shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to.
I apologize for waiting so long before another blog entry. I haven't been without things to write about as much as lacking the time and energy to do so. Our household is ill lately. I have been helping with the kids a little more with Brad being ill as well. Work has also been a treat. Being short an assistant manager is less fun. I even went to bed at 10 last night. Which, for this insomniac, is a big stretch. Anywho, enough about me, time to talk about me.

I am very excited for this weekend and the few days after. Actually my overall attitude is much improved lately. (which I think has a lot to do with my eczema finally clearing up on my face thanks to my cousin brad sharing some medicated cream. amazing how a clear face just makes you feel better about so much.) Even though work has been stressful I have made some good changes in the work place which should result in better things there. So work is better, ish, now onto weekend greatness.

Friday night will kick off the greatness. After work I shall get a much needed haircut. Following the haircut I will buy a new shirt to have a killer outfit for the evening's events. 10 p.m.: drinky drinks at the old Applebees with "the gang". I'm talking 2 dollar margaritas and long islands, and half off apetizers! what in the world is up!?!  From there, sky is the limits. But do know this: I will change lives.

Saturday I have a nice opening shift at 7 a.m. to follow up the crazy, assuming, evening before. After work I will rush home so Brad and Mica can attend their wine tasting. So saturday will be me and the kiddos. Popcorn, movies, games. Should be fun.

Sunday funday!!! That's right, Sunday I have off! Green Bay Packers doin work, me doin work on beers, and stuff!!!! YES! STUFF!!!

Monday will be average with a 10-6 shift and an evening of How I Met Your Mother and season 4 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (wil be purchased at some point this weekend). Hopefully I will get some good sleep cause Tuesday is the day I'm most ecited for.


It may seem like a normal day but this tuesday will be legend... wait for it... DARY!!!! Work blah blah bull shit, only til 3 p.m., then the fun starts. I will leave work and proceed to go to Best Buy to buy yself a special gift that releases tuesday. Hopefully I will have enough time to train on it to beat Mica later on that night. Bowling starts at 7 p.m. and I hope to avenge my god awful scores last week. Then I will be rushing home to play DEF JAM RAPSTAR!!!! YES!!! It's true. The moment everyone has been waiting for. Phil and his mic throwing down lyrics to crazy beats. Tuesday everyone will know of my MC greatness!!!

MC P, OUT!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

lazy sunday

So I wasn't planning on writing in the blog today. God had a day of rest right? Why not me. Well a friend of mine, Andy, reminded me that I got to stay commited to this. He's right. So today, on the laziest of days, I will stick it out and make an entry to my blog. The entry is going to be simple: football. Football on sunday is what kept me from writing anything of value today, but it also got me some bonding time with my cuz. That is me and my cousin Brad below. We were using my POS laptop to check the fantasy league he is in and manage the hell out of it.

Oh and also, that guy right there next to me, he made the best pancakes for all of us today.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

season recap

A lot of stuff has been thrown at me this past year. Everything from my niece battling cancer to a break up of my girlfriend of 4 years. I started the year living in Layton, Utah. Today I find myself writing this blog in Plymouth, Wisconsin. I thought about starting my first entry with a wrap up of how I got to this point, but instead I think I will just recap/talk about September.

September is one of my favorite months. It always has been. For starters it is the month of my mother's birth. If it wasn't for my mother, the awesome that is writing this blog would not be. Besides birthing me, she has been the biggest support in my life. Regardless of the thousands of mistakes I have made in my life she still accepts me, and encourages me to do what is going to make me happy. Sadly, this has been the first September I was not able to be with my mom on her birthday. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her and what an impact she has in my life.

Are you ready for some football!? Hell, I know I am. Next reason why September is so great, is the football. Professional, college, nintendo. It's the month that football gets into full swing. I may be partial, and lord knows i have said this before, but this is the year. I can feel it. Wisconsin football is going to be bringing home some hardware. I hope there is enough room in the case for a Lombardi and a BCS championship. *crosses fingers* I'm going to end on these two words: Clay Matthews.

Fall is here! I love the weather change from hot and gross, to cool and breezy. The colors start changing, and Phil's collection of sweaters come into bloom. September=Fall=Awesome.

Sadly, but surely, I love September for the series premiers. Its sad I love so many shows, but damned if there are not a million good shows on lately. Here is a list of some of the shows I will be indulging myself with: How I Met Your Mother, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Family Guy, Dexter, Bored to Death, Community, The Office, 30 Rock... and much more.

Last, and most recent reason for my love of September is childhood cancer awareness. September is the official month of childhood cancer awareness. As I touched on earlier, my niece battled cancer this year. She is now 3, and in remission. Every 3 months she gets new tests to make sure the brain cancer is at bay. Now don't get me wrong, I don't like that she has cancer, but I do like that there is a full month commited to raising awareness of people in her predictament. In support of my niece Alexa, I got a new tattoo. A cancer ribbon safety pinned to my right foot. Not only as a reminder of what she has gone through, but also a reminder of how strong she is. A motivation if you will, that if she got through cancer, I can get through my insignificant troubles.

Well that's all? Hopefully this is the first of many blogs. I apologize if the writing style or grammar is not any good. I also plan on future blogs having better direction. I think.

Stay classy, internet.